Bitmovin turns hours into minutes by transcoding video fast using Google Compute Engine

These days, nearly everyone shoots video. Maybe it’s a three-minute movie of a cat chasing a laser pointer that’s about to go viral. Sometimes it’s real-time news footage streaming from a sporting event, an awards program or a natural disaster. The challenge: getting that video out onto the Internet so that it can be watched in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. A necessary step is transcoding – decompressing the raw analog or digital files, and then converting them into different compressed formats designed for fast, efficient streaming over the Internet right into a desktop or mobile client.

Traditional transcoding solutions require a lot of processors, a lot of memory and a lot of storage. Even then, most encoding services run far slower than real time – meaning it takes more than an hour to transcode an hour’s worth of high-definition video. That’s why so many entertainment companies, news sites and other broadcasters stream live Internet at low resolution, so their transcoders can keep up, explains Christopher Müller, co-founder and CTO of bitmovin. (…)

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