TV & Media: the IP imperative | WhitePaper & Infographic by Ericsson Time to Play

The impact of the internet on our daily lives is the biggest technological innovation of the last decade. It has re-shaped our planet, our lives and global industries – including TV and Media. Recent years have seen global broadband IP capacity enable the explosion in video- enabled connected devices. The IP era of TV is enabling richer and broader TV experiences that is transforming consumer behavior and enabling new industry players. 
The path to 2020 and beyond is clear – the need for more speed, more capacity and more immediacy will re-define delivery networks, spectrum allocation and business models. 
Consumers will embrace the experience of discovery, recommendation and consumption that only IP can provide across all their devices. The IP Imperative Game Changer highlights just how critical IP networks will become to the entire media value chain, but especially in the delivery and consumption of TV content by 2020.


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